Meal donations

We’ve donated over 16,000 of our meals to our partners City Harvest - who then distribute them to those in need across London.

Planting trees

A bit about our tree-planting partner: Recent observation-based analysis (satellite data) suggests that reforestation of evergreen broadleaf forest in the tropics (around the equatorial belt) has the highest cooling impact (because the equator is where we experience the highest heat and sunshine all year round!). Applying the same efforts to reforesting conifer forests at mid-to-high latitudes had the lowest cooling effect (because it’s already comparatively cool in Europe and North America!). 

That’s why we’ve partnered with WeForest in Zambia.

WeForest engages local farmers in Zambia to protect and nurture wild seedlings, in order to assist natural regeneration of forests. By training farmers on how to make a livelihood from their woodlots in a sustainable way, they’re able to prevent the need for farmers to over-exploit their trees or cause the destruction of forests in order to make a living for themselves. You can read more about their ethos here.

Why we love trees

The challenge: Climate change

To limit and then reverse global warming, not only do we need to start finding ways to run our planet on sunshine, wind and plant-based diets, we also need to help cool our planet. How? Well how about we reflect some of the sun’s over-powerful rays back into space, while recycling the carbon-dioxide in our air into fresh oxygen? Basically – let’s make Earth cooler again 😎

The answer: Trees

Forest growth is one of the most cost-effective solutions to the climate challenge our planet faces today.

  1. More trees 🌳  = more clouds ☁ = cooler planet 🌏 

Trees absorb water from the soil, which turns into vapour, naturally rising and condensing into clouds.

And clouds? They rock! They’re the perfect bright white (and fluffy) protective shield that reflects many of the sun’s rays back into space. Think of it like a massive parasol providing shade for our whole planet 🏖️

  1. Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) 🌲🌲🌲

Forests are the lungs of our planet, sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere and turning it into oxygen. This fixes the carbon into the trees and soil, while also having a brilliant by-product of delicious fresh oxygen.

Now you know why a walk in the forest is so refreshing.

The benefits of supporting tree planting projects are endless. As well as the positive impact on the climate, atmosphere and ecosystems, tree planting also has a number of human benefits – engaging communities, empowering women and improving livelihoods.