Hi, we're allplants. A team of chefs, world changers and health-savvy foodies, making it incredibly easy for you to switch up your own diet sustainably, with minimum effort and zero compromise. we'd love to give you a taste!

Busy people need delicious, imaginative and incredibly easy food to help them win each day, whilst not costing the earth. That’s why all our dishes are 100% plant-based, cooked slowly by hand, perfectly portioned and delivered to your door totally frozen (in fully recyclable packaging via a carbon neutral delivery!) - helping you to enjoy a meal packed full with veg, grains and greens, without waste or worry, in your own time.

And don't let the freezer bit trip you. It locks in your nutrition for longer and makes each dish available on your schedule while creating a lot less waste in your kitchen and ours.

Because allplants is much more than a food delivery or meal plan service - given that switching to a plant-based diet is the most impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint and with only ¼ of Brits getting their 5-a-day, we’re bringing new, super easy ways for you to pack your diet full with veg, whilst caring for our beautiful planet.✨

BCorp status

We’re super excited to say that allplants is a certified B-Corporation! 

What is a B-corp?! B-Corps form a community of leaders, helping to drive a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Being a B-Corp makes us both legally bound and excited to always be working towards a thoroughly assessed triple bottom line. In simple terms - profit, environment and society are equally held at the heart of every decision we make 💚 

Business is such a powerful force on the planet, which is why we’re doing our bit to harness it to be a positive vehicle for change 💪🏼. We believe that people’s daily choices change the world, so we’re so excited to have you a part of our mission.

Head to our blog post here if you’d like to hear a little more about our decision to become a B-Corp.