The magic of frozen

For centuries, freezing was the best way to miraculously preserve fresh foods and, actually, it still is!

The magic of frozen locks in the nutritional goodness naturally, and actually keeps your food fresher than meals you’ll find in supermarket fridges, which degrade as every hour passes. That means we can hand-cook every meal, just like you would at home, without needing to add anything you wouldn't find in your own kitchen ✨

Freezing also has a massive impact on food waste - no more throwing away wilted, furry veg from the back of your fridge! Eat our menu on your schedule, no waste, no hassle.

How to store your meals

Your allplants box will be delivered in our super eco-friendly insulated, fully recyclable (+ partly compostable!) packaging, to keep your dishes and extras freshly frozen until 10pm.

When you receive your delivery, unpack your box and pop them straight in the freezer (at -18°C) to keep them fresh until you’re ready to enjoy - on your schedule. 

Fear not, your meals can be refrigerated too! Just ensure you enjoy within 24 hours of receiving and refrigerating to make sure you’re enjoying the freshest, tastiest and most nourishing state of our plant-based goodness.

Our meals and extras can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months (if you can wait that long!)

*Please refrain from freezing any meals after putting them in the fridge.

Portion sizes

Choose either our:

  • Double serve portions (760g) from only £4.99 per serving!
  • Single serve portions (380g)

You could pack a single portion for lunch at work (the aroma will most definitely make your colleagues jealous though!), or share a double portion with friends, and gain eternal popularity.

You may even find yourself devouring a whole double-serve meal (as we have often done ourselves!).

If you find yourself with some leftovers...lucky you. That will do perfectly in tomorrow’s lunchbox or as part of your dinner spread in the evening. After cooking, allow your food to cool, then cover and keep in your fridge. Reheat within 24 hours of refrigerating.

Dish tray dimensions

We have two different tray sizes:

Single-serve potions = 180 x 136 x 45mm

Double-serve portions = 240 x 160 x 44mm