As part of our “Zero-Waste” mission, we've made it as simple as possible to return your delivery packaging to us, free of charge, as reusing trumps recycling ♻️

  1. Pop the dry ice pack into your allplants box, alongside the denim liner (for extra planet-saving brownie point, send as many liners back to us in one go as possible).
  2. Tape up your box.
  3. Stick the CollectPlus label (provided) over your delivery address. If you need another label, head here to download and print a replacement CollectPlus returns label. Don't worry about filling out the order number, you can leave this blank.
  4. Drop off your package at your nearest CollectPlus location. You can find your nearest CollectPlus location by searching here.

If for any reason CollectPlus isn't convenient for you: You can still use your local kerbside recycling service - remember, all of our packaging can be recycled in councils where plastics and cardboard are accepted!

What to do with if you have multiple boxes: To save you a few trips to your local Collect+ drop off point, break down your old boxes, recycle them and send back multiple liners to lower your impact on the environment even more.

Can I return clean dish trays and sleeves for you to recycle? We make our dish trays and sleeves out of fully recyclable material so you can easily dispose of them at home.

No returns label

If you have access to a printer, you can head here to print off your label, and send back your packaging to us: - don't worry about filling in the order number, just leave this section blank!

Recycling my packaging

Everything comes packed in a cardboard box which - you guessed it, is 100% recyclable too just pop in with your paper/card along with the tape too ♻️ 🌏

Dishes: The paper trays, cardboard sleeve and BPA-free plastic seal are 100% recyclable. Just make sure to rinse the trays properly and these can go in your kerbside recycling. 

Liners: We can reuse our eco-friendly denim insulation liners over 10 times, so if you can send this part back to us we really appreciate this. (You can fit 2 or 3 in a box to send back in one go!). If this is not possible the liner sleeve can be recycled alongside plastic bags at your local supermarket. As the denim has already been recycled just pop this in the bin. 

Dry ice: The dry ice will come packed in a little box, with a plastic sleeve inside. To recycle this at home, please take out your little box containing dry ice before your meals, and return it to the delivery box once all your meals are tucked away in your freezer. Leave the box in a well-ventilated space (out of reach of children!) for 24 hours before separating the materials for recycling. The box is 100% recyclable, but, ideally, if you can send this back to us for re-use please do. The dry ice packs inside should be accepted for plastic recycling but please check with your local council if this will be accepted.

Glass jars: For now, we ask that you do not send these back to us, we're not yet able to reuse them. Don't worry there are loads of handy uses for these little jars! 


How to handle dry ice

  1. Take out the little box containing the dry ice.
  2. Once your meals are safely tucked away in your freezer, return the dry icebox to the delivery box.
  3. Leave the box in a well-ventilated space (out of the reach of children!) for 24 hours to make sure all the dry ice has evaporated.
  4. Separate out the materials to recycle at home, or pop back in the box and return it to us using your free returns label!