Ingredient sourcing

We are committed to increasing the proportions of goods, products and services from local suppliers. This is extremely important to us in:

  • Minimising CO2 emissions.
  • Promoting healthy and sustainable local communities and economies.
  • Driving an improved approach to supplier selection within our industry and beyond.

Currently, we source approximately 73% of all materials from suppliers who are based within a 50-mile radius, the rest are all located within the UK. 

When it comes to our supply chain, we are committed to improving visibility and, wherever possible, fresh ingredients are sourced within the UK. If seasonality doesn't allow this, they are exclusively sourced within Europe and never air-freighted. For dry ingredients sourced further afield, again, we hold a 100% non-air-freight policy.

Our suppliers are an extension of allplants and any selected to work with us have first gone through careful checks to ensure their standard of ethics, sustainability and social responsibility are aligned with our own.

Are your meals organic?

We want delicious, exciting, plant-powered foods to be available and accessible to as many people as possible. We've done the maths. If our meals were 100% organic, each dish would become at least 50% more expensive and that isn't viable for most people. But the planet shouldn't have to pay for our mad world. That's why allplants is 100% committed to using sustainable, scalable, high-quality and, wherever we can, organically grown ingredients. 

But, all of our smoothies are organic 🌱

On top of that, we are working towards a zero-waste goal in both our kitchen and yours. All our meals are perfectly portioned and frozen to fit your lifestyle, our packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable and our kitchen works to a strict minimal waste policy, which is a big challenge that we are always improving on.


Absolutely, well & truly, 100% GMO-free!

Zero palm oil

It’s been our intention since day one to use zero palm oil, as we know how important it is to you. It’s important to us too. That’s why we're proud to say that we're 100% palm oil-free, without any sacrifice to flavour or texture to your allplants dishes.

Sustainable soy

We don't use any soy products grown in South America (where soy production is linked to deforestation). We source our soy from:

Soy milk - Essential - EU

Soy sauce - Tradewind - China

Soya, ground - Suma - Austria

Silken tofu - Tazaki - USA

Tofu, firm (Tofoo) - Leathams - UK

Also, 75% of the soy grown globally is fed to industrially farmed animals. If the sustainability of soy is a concern, then the best thing you can do is to avoid animal products and eat more plant-based, as we do at allplants 🌱

Check out our blog post here for some more information on soy and the environment.